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Branches need clipping? Call us and we’ll cut your trees down to size.

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Sometimes trees grow a little too long for comfort and can become hazards or unsightly. We can trim longer sickly branches and keep your trees looking excellent for years to come.

When you need your trees or palms trimmed, call the professionals.

Tree trimming is an essential service that many homeowners or landowners will need to periodically take advantage of. In fact, it something you’ll probably need to handle much more often than tree removal!

Tree trimming services like ours involve leveraging experience and the best tools to make strategic cuts to certain branches or tree limbs. The goal is always to improve the health, appearance, or performance of a tree while also removing any potential hazards that might have arisen from a wayward branch. Done incorrectly, tree trimming can lead to the death of a tree or damage to your property or vehicles.

You have to trim the correct amount off of a tree to be successful. This involves identifying the right limbs to remove, how far to trim limbs or branches, and how often to do so. That’s why you don’t want a subpar tree trimming company to come to your property and messed things up.

At Volusia Tree Services, we have an eye for tree trimming that’s been honed over several years from past experience. We can quickly and easily identify which branches might be lowering the health of a tree and which might impact the safety or aesthetics of your home over the foreseeable future. We can remove tree limbs and branches that are in the way of windows, your roof, or hanging precariously over your car.

There are tons of reasons you might need your trees to be trimmed, all in all. Good limb removal can even improve the structure of an existing tree and allow it to provide your property with aesthetic beauty and shade for many years to come. In Central Florida, it’s even more important to periodically trim your trees since heavy winds from seasonal storms can easily lead to tree branches breaking off and damaging your property or littering the yard.

While this task is necessary, you don’t want to go to the trouble of trimming the trees yourself. Not only is it dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and expertise, but it can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why an experienced tree service company like Volusia Tree Services is the only real solution you should depend on.

Let the professionals take care of your tree trimming needs

At Volusia Tree Services, we’re well-equipped to trim trees with a variety of techniques and for several goals. There’s no one tree trimming method you can use for everyone’s property, so we developed several unique strategies that we can bring for your property and trees to ensure success. Our tree trimming advantages include:


The Right Tools.

To ensure the best performance every time we trim your trees, we bring the best tools to the job; this includes saws, ladders, and other safety gear.


Branch Removal.

Not only will we adequately and expertly trim your trees to perfection, but we won’t leave the branches and debris laying around your yard.


Expert Cutters.

Volusia Tree Service only employs the best tree cutters around. Between them, our team members of decades of experience on the job.


Strategic Cutting.

We won’t just cut away random branches. We’ll strategize which branches make the most sense to cut and go over them with you before starting out.


Efficient Cutting.

If you need your trees trimmed, we know that you can’t have your day hampered for too long. We’ll get the job done and be out of your hair in no time.


An Affordable Rate

Best of all, we can trim all the trees of your yard at an affordable rate. Call us for a free quote ASAP!

Overall, Volusia Tree Service is the best of the best when it comes to tree trimming and other tree maintenance needs in the Ormond Beach area. Between our expertise and our knowledge of when and how to trim wayward branches, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

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Need proof? Check out with these former and current customers have said about our services so far. You can’t deny these results!

Volusia Tree Services is amazing!

They immediately came to my home and trimmed a branch that was about to fall on my car. Thanks to them, I avoided a huge accident and my driveway is safe again!

– Linda S.

Prompt response.

It was no trouble at all to call Volusia Tree Services. Their response was prompt and their service professional. I’ll always call them whenever I need tree maintenance.

– Scott F.

Very Friendly Staff

I’ve had bad experiences with contractors and tree maintenance services in the past. But the men who came from Volusia Tree Services were friendly, professional, and did an excellent job! I’ll definitely be calling them again.

– Maria H.

My “go-to guys”

I have a regular maintenance schedule setup with these guys for the trees on my property and they have been looking better and better each year! These are my Go-to-Guys for any tree services i need. Highly recommended, give them a call.

– Stephen P.

Great Price for Great Service

After i called for a quote, they showed up the next morning and gave a very reasonable price so i agreed and they were able to get the job done right then! Great customer service from this company and also cleaned up after the job. Thank you!

Kristina L.

Trees look better than ever!

These Tree professionals really know their stuff! They pruned and trimmed some trees on my property last year and this year they are all looking as beautiful as ever! I use these guys for regular maintenance.

– Jessica T.

Why not try us for yourself? If you need your trees trimmed for any reason at all, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message with this website. One of our agents to give you a free estimate or quote for the job and we’ll find an appointment that works best for your needs. Call today!