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Tree removal doesn’t have to be a loud and laborious process. We can remove any tree from your yard with a minimum of hassle and without taking up too much of your day.

Trees are some of the best parts of your property! Not only do they look great around your home, but they also provide shade for those hot summer days and can even hold soil in place, improving the look of your yard for years to come. In humid Ormond Beach weather, they can even moderate the climate and make the summer bearable.

But while tree pruning can extend the life span of your property’s trees for many years, sometimes the oldest trees of your yard need to be removed. While older dead trees conserve important roles in your environment, they can also put you in your neighbor’s property at risk. For example, a falling tree or even a big limb can crush a car or damage your or your neighbor’s house.

It’s always a better idea to take care of these potential hazards before they become real liabilities. All it takes is one bad storm or hurricane and old trees might eventually uproot, tipping over to crash straight into your house or car. That’s why it’s sometimes necessary to hire a company that specializes in tree removal and other tree care services.

After all, there are lots of things you need to consider before removing a tree. For instance, trees that are under power lines are much harder to safely disengage without causing a minor blackout throughout the entire neighborhood. Additionally, some trees have sentimental value for their owners; in many cases, trees are around longer than a family stretching back for generations.

We at Volusia Tree Service can compensate for these concerns and more. Our dedicated tree removal specialists will safely and carefully remove dead trees or trees that are hazards for you and your neighbors without causing lasting harm to your property or disrespecting your land’s history. We can arrive, take care of business, and leave all without causing much of a disruption to you or your family.

Furthermore, we’re the safest tree removal company in the Ormond Beach, FL area. This is important since removing a tree requires lots of planning and expertise. You have to take in multiple factors and attributes, like the direction the tree is leaning or the size of the branches.

We don’t just mean our own safety. We’ll also take great pains to ensure the safety and security of your property and any surrounding homes and cars. After all, the reason we’re there to begin with is to prevent trees from falling and causing damage or harm to anyone. As a result, our staff is explicitly made up of experienced workers who know exactly what to do and what tools use. Each work team has years of experience between its men, so we’ll be able to remove trees from any situation or yard. In fact, there’s no tree too difficult for us to remove.

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Reasons To Remove Trees

Do you really need tree removal services? It can be difficult to tell, especially if you take good care of the trees on your property and extend their lifespan to benefit from their shade and ambiance. Even if it looks gnarled, lots of folks aren’t willing to part with the same tree they knew growing up.

But trees can pose lots of hazards to the environment and to your property if they aren’t taken care of when needed. For instance, a tree’s roots or branches could grow to a point where they interfere with the electrical systems of the neighborhood or threaten your home or others’. In other cases, trees can become infected with disease, which poses additional threats to your property and surrounding wildlife.

There are other reasons to remove trees, including:


Storm Damage

During a particularly bad storm, a tree could become structurally compromised and bend toward your home or car.


Loose or Dead Bark

Some trees eventually lose their luster and aesthetic value, either from disease or old age.


Branch Hazards

Branches that eventually grow out of control can rub against your roof or windows.


Outgrows Its Area

Old trees usually have very long and deep roots, which can impact your growth and surrounding yard health.


In the Way

Some trees eventually grow to be in the way, particularly of driveways or windows.


And Many Others

No matter what your tree service needs are, we are sure to get the job done right!

Whatever the reason is that you need trees removed from your property, we at Volusia Tree Services in Ormond Beach can provide you with the expertise and professionalism you need. We’re well-equipped to safely and quickly remove trees with a minimum of hassle and disruption to your day or yard. Give us a call and let us see what we can do for you!

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Need proof? Check out with these former and current customers have said about our services so far. You can’t deny these results!

Volusia Tree Services is amazing!

They immediately came to my home and trimmed a branch that was about to fall on my car. Thanks to them, I avoided a huge accident and my driveway is safe again!

– Linda S.

Volusia Tree Services is amazing!

It was no trouble at all to call Volusia Tree Services. Their response was prompt and their service professional. I’ll always call them whenever I need tree maintenance.

– Scott F.

Very Friendly Staff

I’ve had bad experiences with contractors and tree maintenance services in the past. But the men who came from Volusia Tree Services were friendly, professional, and did an excellent job! I’ll definitely be calling them again.

– Maria H.

Great Job, No Complaints

I recently had to call Volusia Tree Services to have one of my older trees removed. Normally this is a big ordeal, but they took care of the problem in a single day and left my yard looking better than before.

– Ron S.

Very Reasonable Quote

I was worried when I called Volusia Tree Services that they would cost a huge bundle to get a pruning service each year. But they worked with me on the price and I’ve never had a better-looking yard. I didn’t end up having to break the bank.

– Sam M.

Saved My Trees From Sickness

I have a very old tree in my yard that’s dear to my heart. I thought I’d have to get rid of it, but Volusia Tree Services came by and removed the sick branches and now it looks better than ever. Thank you!!!

– Rebecca L.

In the end, there’s only one company worth your time and money when it comes to safe and efficient tree removal on your property: Volusia Tree Service. We can take care of any tree removal needs you might have with a minimum of fuss and an affordable quote. Give us a call and our specialists will get you an estimate right away!