All trees need maintenance to look their best. Let us take care of that for you.

Whatever your pruning objectives or needs are, we can help.

Pruning is an essential part of tree maintenance that can be a huge hassle without the right equipment. Fortunately, we already have that equipment and the right experts to wield it.

We won’t just do an okay job. We’ll do a phenomenal one!

Not only do we at Volusia Tree Services remove and trim trees in your yard, but we also have the best tree pruning service in the Ormond Beach area. While trimming is great for getting rid of branches that might be hazardous or which block the light to your windows or home, pruning is an essential tree care practice that’s always needed to improve the health and growth capabilities of an aging tree.

Pruning to get rid of safety hazards just like trimming and can improve the aesthetics of your property, all while getting rid of week branches or stubby limbs that might be affecting the health of the tree as a whole. Pruning your trees is a lot like pruning any other kind of trouble or yard plant. It’s best done with certain kinds of shears and other specialized tools that we at Volusia Tree Services already have.

While you can always attempt to bring your own trees, it can get a little difficult when you’re up in the branches and dangling over your yard. Furthermore, pruning usually needs to happen at least once a year; not everyone has the time to get into this time-intensive chore just to maintain the health and aesthetics of their yard.

But we do! That’s why you should definitely check us out if you need regular tree pruning for your property or home. We’re well-equipped and specialized for all kinds of tree maintenance tasks, including pruning. We have the best shears, the best people, and the best plan when it comes to regularly pruning your trees and making sure they always look and grow their best.

We won’t just do an okay job. We’ll do a phenomenal one, and we’ll prune your trees to make sure they survive the winter and flourish during the spring. Even better, we can work with you to determine your trees’ development; come up with a plan for your property and we’ll make it happen. For instance, we can prune the branches of your trees in the summer to stop them from growing as long or large that year. Or we can improve flowering capacity by pruning immediately after a tree’s blooming cycle.

Whatever your pruning objectives or needs are, we can help. We have decades of experience.

Let Us Do A Phenomenal Job For You

Pruning Techniques

Pruning trees is a more complicated endeavor than you might initially think. There are lots of different pruning techniques and strategies you can use; some of these have particular goals in mind while others are better for general training. At Volusia Tree Services, we have lots of experience with virtually every pruning technique and strategy in the business. Some of the services we provide in regards to pruning include:


Structural Pruning.

With this technique, we’ll make sure that your trees grow a single, dominating trunk that has evenly spaced branches. This makes your trees last longer and look better.



We can provide this staple pruning technique to spin a tree canopy to let more light get to the interior. This can increase airflow and prevent disease infection.


Canopy Reduction

We can also reduce the space that a canopy takes up. This is helpful if a tree has outgrown its allotted space and is influencing the health of other trees or bumping into your windows.



A simpler strategy involves lifting the clearance of the bottom of trees to let you walk beneath their cool shady grass more easily.


Crown Cleaning

This pruning technique will have us remove dead or broken and diseased limbs from the tree to improve aesthetics and tree health.

As you can see, there’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to tree pruning. Because pruning is such an essential part of tree health all year round, we hope you’ll contact us as soon as possible if you want pruning to become a regular part of your yard’s or property’s maintenance. A good pruning schedule leads to excellent trees and an excellent yard.

A good pruning schedule leads to excellent trees


Need proof? Check out with these former and current customers have said about our services so far. You can’t deny these results!

Volusia Tree Services is amazing!

They immediately came to my home and trimmed a branch that was about to fall on my car. Thanks to them, I avoided a huge accident and my driveway is safe again!

– Linda S.

Volusia Tree Services is amazing!

It was no trouble at all to call Volusia Tree Services. Their response was prompt and their service professional. I’ll always call them whenever I need tree maintenance.

– Scott F.

Very Friendly Staff

I’ve had bad experiences with contractors and tree maintenance services in the past. But the men who came from Volusia Tree Services were friendly, professional, and did an excellent job! I’ll definitely be calling them again.

– Maria H.

Great Job, No Complaints

I recently had to call Volusia Tree Services to have one of my older trees removed. Normally this is a big ordeal, but they took care of the problem in a single day and left my yard looking better than before.

– Ron S.

Very Reasonable Quote

I was worried when I called Volusia Tree Services that they would cost a huge bundle to get a pruning service each year. But they worked with me on the price and I’ve never had a better-looking yard. I didn’t end up having to break the bank.

– Sam M.

Saved My Trees From Sickness

I have a very old tree in my yard that’s dear to my heart. I thought I’d have to get rid of it, but Volusia Tree Services came by and removed the sick branches and now it looks better than ever. Thank you!!!

– Rebecca L.

You can experience all these satisfied customers already have by contacting us either by phone or using our online form. We can provide you with a quote for your pruning service or we can discuss the details face-to-face; it’s all up to you! If you need a tree pruning service of Ormond Beach area, contact Volusia Tree Services today!